Etiquette for receiving pilgrims.. Know the best time to visit and the appropriate gifts

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Many are waiting for the return of the regiments of pilgrims to the House of God, and family and friends are preparing for a proper reception of their return, but some are ignorant of the rules of dealing in terms of presenting gifts or the best time to visit, so “The Seventh Day” reviews during the following report the etiquette of receiving pilgrims of the Sacred House of God after the effort of Hajj and the trouble of the trip according to When Hala Al-Azab, an expert on etiquette and human relations, referred to her.

Communication with pilgrims

The etiquette expert told Al-Youm Al-Sabea: “One of the family members or first-degree relatives must make a phone call or text message via communication sites to know the date of the pilgrims’ return, such as the day, hour, and arrival hall, so that they do not prolong the wait. Also, those waiting should not exceed three.” People from the family to welcome them and to help carry the bags.

Decks to decorate the pilgrims’ house

Decorating the house to receive the pilgrims

And she continued: “Those who are in the pilgrims’ house should clean and ventilate the house, especially the pilgrims’ rooms, in order for them to enjoy an ample amount of rest after the hardship of the journey. Also, it is necessary to make a table, preferably in front of the door of the house, and a large Qur’an is placed on the holder, an elegant rosary, and an incense burner that contains incense with a non-permeable scent. Also, the figures that take the shape of the Holy Kaaba are among the beautiful things that give an aesthetic look in one of the corners of the house, knowing that simplicity is the spirit Beauty It is not right to put all our decorations in order to beautify the place, but a piece or two is sufficient to add an elegant and elegant aesthetic touch.

congratulatory visits

Congratulatory visits are an important social duty for everyone Because of the welcome of the pilgrims and the exchange of gifts, but the pilgrims’ family should not disclose the date of the pilgrims’ presence until at least three or four days later so that the pilgrims regain their activity and be able to receive well-wishers better, because there are many relatives and friends who may take the initiative to wait for the pilgrims The time they arrive at their home thinking that an early greeting is better, but unfortunately it may be confusing for them with a large number of bags and their excessive fatigue.

And she continued: “As for the visit, the well-wishers should make a phone call before the visit to take a suitable date and come at the fully agreed-upon date, provided that the duration of the visit does not exceed from half an hour to a full hour, depending on the number of those present to congratulate and the state of health of the pilgrims. Throughout the duration of the visit, it is not right for the well-wishers to ask About the amount spent on the trip, buying gifts, or staying in a hotel.

duty of hospitality

The etiquette expert continued: “Those in the pilgrims’ house can prepare wicker baskets or elegant dishes in which dates and chocolate are served, and a specially decorated cupcake or gateau can be served on the occasion of the return from the Hijaz lands. Also, one of the mistakes that should not be made is to offer well-wishers juices and drinks Soft drinks are in their cartons, glass, or cans, so they must be placed in elegant glasses and mugs.

As for gifts

With regard to gifts, if the congratulators are close friends or family of the first degree, an appropriate amount of money from a large category can be presented in an elegant card that contains words of congratulations for the pilgrimage. As for the well-wishers in general, gifts of roses, chocolates, juices and drinks box decorated in an elegant and enveloped manner should be presented. with ornamental leaves.

As for the pilgrims, the family and close people can buy gifts that suit their preferences and what they need from the point of view of the pilgrims, and they are presented individually and not together, in contrast to general gifts. Well-wishers can make a table with similar distributions for everyone It is considered as a symbolic gift that is presented to each visitor. So, elegant gift bags can be made, and a rosary, toothpicks, Qur’an, prayer rug, sanctuary musk, and a small bottle of Zamzam water are placed. Also, according to the pilgrim’s financial ability, distributions are made.

Decorating Hajjaj's house
Decorating Hajjaj’s house

Gifts for pilgrims
Gifts for pilgrims


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