6 behaviors that make some people alienate you, including intimidation and extreme sympathy

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Some people may possess the beautiful qualities that attract him, but he notices people’s aversion to him without any apparent reason, but there are small things that you do without thinking, that may be the reason for this aversion, and from your point of view you see that the same things are good and there is no harm in them, such as excessive attention, Or extreme empathy, excessive positivity, and “The Seventh Day” reviews some of the subconscious behaviors that push people away from you, according to the website’s bulletin.hackspirit“.

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You should know that exaggeration and giving things more than their size can make a person tense and impulsive, as people prefer that you lighten up your presentation of the situation, or your achievements. Exaggeration is often stressful for them as it is for you, but it is not that easy. This is a habit so deeply ingrained in your subconscious mind that you may not even realize you’re doing it half the time.

Feeling unwanted

You love your friends, but somehow there’s this fear that they don’t love you, no matter how many times they may reassure you that they do, that fear lingers, so you cling so tightly to those around you, always trying to be around them and asking to be Always included in their lives, and that’s what makes them resent you.

People turn away from you
People turn away from you

extreme empathy

Exaggerated sympathy often feels condescending and fake, and excessive sympathy may make people feel uncomfortable. People may need someone to sit with them and listen to what they say and try to understand them only and not exaggerate sympathy with him, which sometimes reaches the point of crying.

Lay down your burdens

We all want our friends to be happy, and part of what it means to be a good friend is to talk about your burdens, but that doesn’t mean your friends will always enjoy your burdens, they are your friends, not your emotional sponges.

Bad traits
Bad traits

Being overly positive

It may seem surprising that being positive might push people away especially if your way is over the top, however it is. While people like positivity in general, it is often best to hug or sit in silence when a friend is sad or in a bad mood.

She always says no

People do not like the naysayers and the negative stressors. If you are always objecting, rejecting, or criticizing everyone around you, everyone will turn away from you, not approach you, and sometimes some may fear you.


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