5 personality traits that make you attract toxic people, including justifying their bad behavior

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“Wax me to all around me misfits” How many times have I said that sentence, there are really people who have the personality that makes them like a magnet, they attract toxic personalities, or narcissistic ones, or perhaps their circle of friends is full of people who are not really there for them, but rather to take advantage of The nature of your work, their resources, or their contacts, and “The Seventh Day” reviews some of the features that make you attractive to those personalities, until you get rid of them, according to the “Seventh Day” website bulletin.ideapod“.

seeking to solve their problems

While a toxic person can come to you because you are always trying to help them or others with their problems, the problem is that people who think they need to fix their friends or partners never question their own motives.

Toxic characters

Forget your problems

Since you are pushing your own needs away and no one knows how much trouble you are in, it is easy for a toxic personality to psychologically take advantage of this trait and make you cater to all their needs, thinking that you are free of worries or problems, as many psychologists say, ignoring your needs Own makes you attractive to a toxic partner.

You think that getting over their flaws makes you a good person

If your boyfriend tends to put you down, you ignore him, you tell yourself he really does have a good heart, you ignore his behavior and your hurt feelings then this is not a healthy relationship, putting up with any kind of abuse because they showed you the better parts of their personality doesn’t make you a good person, you choose to sacrifice Your feelings and your true self for the sake of the relationship.

toxic relationships
toxic relationships

justify bad behaviour

Psychologists say that when a person is in an unhealthy or abusive relationship, it is very common for them to make excuses for their partner’s actions.

Anyone can reach you

Are you the friend everyone calls with the latest drama at all hours of the day, are you the employee who always agrees to a tyrannical boss’s request to work the extra shift? Allowing everyone to get to you at any time opens the door for bad people into your life.

Toxic characters
Toxic characters


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