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Tawjihi correction begins after the end of the first exam

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publish date 2023-07-04 12:29:48

The Minister of Education, Dr. Azmy Muhafaza, confirmed that the ministry will start correcting the papers for the “Tawjihi” general secondary school exam, immediately after the end of the first exam.

On Tuesday, during an inspection tour of exam halls in Salt, the governorate said that the start of marking the “Tawjihi” papers after the completion of the Islamic Education course in a unified examination paper for all branches of academic and vocational education in order to extract results as soon as possible.

145,458 male and female students applied for the first exam, out of 189,410 male and female participants who are the total registered, of whom 126,271 were regular students, and 63,139 were private study students.

Tawjihi exams end on July 25.

Participants are distributed according to the branches of education as follows: 55142 for the scientific branch, 73069 for the literary branch, 135 for the legal branch, 5576 for the industrial branch, 7096 for the home economics branch, 3156 for the agricultural branch, and 1284 for the hotel branch.

The exam is held in 766 exam centers in the directorates of education. It includes 1,856 examination rooms, in addition to 42 reserve rooms. With one spare room for each directorate, more than 20,000 male and female teachers will supervise the exam.

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