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Support for the Holy Qur’an.. A massive stand by the Islamic Movement in front of the Swedish Embassy (witness)

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publish date 2023-07-04 20:51:59

Amman – Muhammad Al-Khawaja

An angry protest was held near the Swedish embassy in Amman, to denounce and denounce the incident of an Iraqi asylum seeker named Silwan Momica burning a copy of the Holy Quran in the Swedish capital, Stockholm.

The participants in the stand, which the Islamic Movement called for, expressed their anger at the burning of a copy of the Holy Qur’an for the second time, stressing the need to deliver a unified message to the world that rejects the assault on sanctities, calling for a boycott of Swedish products.

The participants in the vigil burned the Swedish flag, as an expression of their rejection of the Swedish government’s position on the crime of burning the Qur’an.

The participants in the vigil chanted slogans condemning the incident and calling on Sweden to apologize to the Muslims.

The participants in the vigil considered that the assailant, Silwan, is a paid and hateful person, and they also chanted slogans against homosexuality.

And on Wednesday, the Swede of Iraqi origin, Silwan Momica (37 years), tore up a copy of the Qur’an and set it on fire at the Stockholm Central Mosque, after the police granted him permission to organize the protest according to a judicial decision, which was met with a wide wave of condemnation and condemnation in the Arab and Islamic worlds.

This is not the first incident in Sweden, where more than 600,000 Muslims live. On January 21, the leader of the Danish far-right “hard line” party, Rasmus Paludan, burned a copy of the Qur’an near the Turkish embassy in Stockholm, under police protection.

Last week, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriate Affairs summoned the Swedish ambassador in Amman, and informed her of Jordan’s strong protest against the Swedish government’s allowing extremists to burn a copy of the Holy Qur’an in the capital, Stockholm.

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