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One of the feelings that may afflict a person with a lot of anxiety, stress and embarrassment is feelings of admiration for someone, and the matter may reach a lot of confusion if the partner is not sure of the feelings of the other party. The person may not know the feeling of the person in front of him. It goes unnoticed, and it is nothing more than words. Some people may not know why people hide their feelings of admiration, but the reason may be fear of rejection, but there are some signs that may tell you that this person is secretly admired, and to find out, you can follow the next report. , according to the siteseventeen“.

He may act strange

A person who has feelings and admires the other side may act with a lot of embarrassment and shyness, and he may not know how to act in many matters, which may raise those around him to wonder at his strange behavior.

He praises the other party

A person who has a lot of feelings of admiration may talk to the other party and praise him, but the matter may go beyond that. He may praise a funny comment from the other party or his self-confidence, which makes him give any compliment and always praise anything the other party does.

feelings of admiration

Feeling a bit jealous

Feelings of jealousy are natural for those who love, and a person may feel feelings of jealousy when he sees the other party he is interested in talking to someone or being with him for a while, which indicates the existence of romantic feelings towards this person.

feelings of admiration (3)

feelings of admiration

He asks many questions

A person who feels admiration or true feelings may ask the other party a lot of questions to get to know him better, and he may be curious about anything related to the other party and what he does.

eye contact

Of course, someone who feels admiration or true love increases their eye contact to let them know that they are paying attention to every word they say.

feelings of admiration (1)
feelings of admiration


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