Its creator did not make his fortune from it. The “egg carton” is an invention that generates $8 billion annually

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Some simple ideas, which have turned into basic components in our daily lives, without realizing it, carry behind them exciting stories and a “business sector” in the billions. Among these simple ideas that have turned into an important daily product, the egg carton, which has become the basic method for preserving eggs. in food stores.

Just what the website posted bbc A Canadian newspaper owner, Joseph Cowell, was behind the idea, more than a century ago.

And Quill began to think about the matter after he heard a heated discussion between a hotel owner and a farmer, over the latter’s delivery of the shipment of eggs, half of which were broken inside the basket..

Egg carton

And Quill began by making experimental models for a product that protects eggs from breakage, using newspaper pages, until he reached the solution that we see today, which is an egg carton, made of cardboard, that maintains a place designated for each egg separately..

In 1919, Quill decided to sell the newspaper he owned and travel around North America to sell and promote his new invention, the egg carton. Quill’s main message to egg farmers was: “This invention will save you much more than its cost.”“.

Despite the successful invention, Cowell could not become rich thanks to this invention, as he was not a businessman who managed his business skillfully, according to the site. Today, the egg carton trade generates $8 billion annually, and it is constantly increasing in recent years, due to the increasing consumption of eggs around the world.


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