5 habits that must be instilled in your child to become wiser.. including reading and asking questions

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Who among us does not like that his child has wisdom in opinion and in dealing with others, and possesses life experience, in addition to his intelligence, all of these qualities each parent strives for his child to possess, and all these qualities and more are not learned by the child overnight, but rather it is an ongoing process For learning and growth, and accordingly, here are the many normal things that a child must get used to from a young age in order for him to be distinguished and wise. The seventh day reviews them, according to what was published by the “Seventh Day” website.ideapod“.


One of the first and most important things that we must instill in our children in order for them to be distinguished by wisdom and intelligence is to read stories, books, novels, and magazines, as books are an excellent storehouse of knowledge, which can take you around the world and learn about different cultures.


Replacing non-purposeful content with a meaningful one

There are a lot of young people in this age who follow many social networking sites, and follow the content makers with the various materials presented, but the correct way for the child to learn everything that is useful, is to change the non-purposeful content with another distinguished with his information and experience.

Do not dismiss his curiosity and questions

Your child has always been curious and has more questions, so you should not prevent him from doing so and provide him with the typical answer.

Child rearing
Child rearing

Make him think

You need to give your child the opportunity to think, either alone or with other experts, to allow his mind to collect information and process situations, and to analyze and sort all the information that you are working hard to absorb, because it is during these quiet moments that you discover new visions of the world.

Develop self-awareness

Awareness of thoughts and feelings helps you make better choices and overcome life’s challenges with more clarity. To develop self-awareness, allow your child to take moments each day to sort out his thoughts, feelings, and get rid of negative energy.

child development
child development


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