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The issuance of a system for forming occupational safety and health committees in institutions

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publish date 2023-07-03 20:43:00

In the last issue of the Official Gazette, the system for forming occupational safety and health committees and appointing supervisors in institutions was issued, so that the provisions of the system apply to the institution, its branches and work sites that carry out economic activity.

For the specialist supervisor to be approved, he must have a bachelor’s degree as a minimum, while the technical supervisor must have a general secondary school certificate as a minimum.
The system defined the tasks of the specialist and technical supervisor, and obligated the employer to appoint a full-time supervisor according to the severity of the economic activity in the enterprise.

According to the system, a committee called the Occupational Safety and Health Committee is formed in each institution and its branches in which there are 50 workers or more. It is responsible for setting policies and plans for occupational safety and health, following up on accidents and injuries that occurred, supervising the study of the causes of accidents and work injuries, and means of prevention, and issuing posters and printed, audio and visual bulletins. , and verifying any information, recommendations, complaints and suggestions submitted by workers or the employer about work risks.


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