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Energy calls for rational consumption

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publish date 2023-07-03 18:00:00

The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources stressed the importance of rationalizing energy consumption and avoiding wasting it in various areas of consumption during periods of high electrical loads in the summer.

According to the Guide to Conserving and Rationalizing Energy Consumption published on the Ministry’s website, the optimal use of energy enables us to obtain high efficiency with the least possible energy, and to use devices and equipment with the highest efficiency.

The guide called for closing windows and doors to prevent hot air from entering the interior, and plugging holes with gaskets around door and window frames, extractor fans, and any other places where wires and pipes pass through walls.

He pointed out the necessity of closing the curtains to the windows to prevent the entry of sunlight during the operation of the cooling system, and installing windows of heat-reflecting and double glass, to reduce the transfer of heat into the room.

He stressed the need to pay attention to cleaning the filter of air conditioners, as it is difficult for air to pass through unclean filters, and thus air conditioners consume more energy and raise the value of the consumption bill, in addition to making sure that air conditioners are turned off when leaving the room or office.

He pointed out that the thermostat of the air conditioner (the thermostat) should be set at 24 degrees Celsius, which is the most appropriate degree for comfortable cooling, as setting the temperature of the air conditioner to temperatures lower than the comfortable temperature will increase energy consumption by up to 5 percent per degree.

The guide stressed the importance of choosing the appropriate capacity for the air conditioner suitable for the area to be cooled and shading the air conditioner from the outside if possible, which leads to a reduction in energy consumption.


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