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“Controversial” draft laws on the table of representatives in the “extraordinary”

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publish date 2023-07-03 12:58:49

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The First Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Ahmed Al-Khalayleh, announced that the parliament has received draft laws for discussion and approval during the next special session.

A royal decree was issued inviting the National Assembly to meet in an extraordinary session, starting from Sunday, the sixteenth of July, 2023 AD.

According to Al-Khalayleh, the draft laws that the council received are the draft law on partnership projects between the public and private sectors for the year 2023, a draft law amending the real estate property law for the year 2023, the draft cybercrime law for the year 2023, a draft law amending the traffic law for the year 2023, and a draft law amending the companies law. for the year 2022.

Representatives expected that some of these laws presented to the House of Representatives would raise a state of controversy in the Jordanian street, similar to previous laws that were raised during the special session last year.

Representative Adnan Mashuqa said, in a statement to Al-Bawsala, that some of the bills presented to the House of Representatives are expected to stir up the Jordanian public, especially the draft cybercrime law and the traffic law.

Mashuqa warned against approving articles in the draft cybercrime law, as they “constitute a restriction” on freedoms, as he described it, calling on parliament members to scrutinize these laws and study their effects on Jordanian society before approving them.

He added, “We did not look favorably on the draft cybercrime law, but expectations indicate that it will raise a state of widespread controversy, especially among the media and press circles.”

The deputy also expected a reaction towards the draft traffic law, especially as it increases penalties for violators of traffic rules.


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