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Moroccan food has its attractiveness and delicious taste, so today we offer a way to make a main Moroccan dish, which is chicken with artichokes with white rice or bread, accompanied by thin and delicious orzo soup. This meal is rich in vitamins that are beneficial to the body in general, especially for children.

Moroccan artichoke chicken


Chopped chicken

A cup of pea vegetables

2 artichokes

2 sliced ​​potatoes

2 tomatoes

1 onion


minced garlic

olive oil

Spices “Laurie leaf, cinnamon, chili, salt, paprika, black pepper”

Cup water

Artichoke with chicken

How to prepare

Put a pot on the stove, add the olive oil, then the chopped onions and stir well

Then put the chicken and keep flipping

Cover the pot slightly, then add the chopped tomatoes, spices, chopped parsley, cinnamon and bay leaves and leave it on the fire

Then add a cup of water and let it simmer

After that, cut the artichokes, potatoes, and peas, and leave the pot, including it, on the fire until it is cooked

Finally, put the chicken with artichokes in a serving dish, garnish with parsley, and serve hot.


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