Living room decor ideas that fit the fun and colorful personality

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When it comes to home décor, the choices made by the homeowner can reflect his personality and nature, for example, bright wall colors, colorful furnishings and modern furniture can reflect the personality of people who love life, colors and fun, while dark colors and classic furniture can reflect the personality of People who love elegance, tradition and tranquility.

To find out some suggestions and ideas for delightful decorations, you can follow the following report, according to the “homesandgardens“.

Fresh ideas for colorful living room:

Choose the colors you like:

Each person must choose the color that he likes and prefers so that it reflects the personality to which he belongs, whether on the color of the fabrics or on the wallpaper, and the colors can be made spread everywhere, by coloring the door of the closet or printing the curtain fabric to add more joy and vitality.

Favorite colours

Get creative with the paint

Painting on the wall may be an easy way to make the place, especially the living room, a very attractive and pleasant place, and light colors make the small living room look larger, and give a sense of warmth on the walls, and there is an innovative way to make the place amazing is to make the wall paint a lighter shade on top and in Down is a darker shade to create a sense of comfort while adding plenty of warmth and fun.

wall paint

wall paint

Harmony between light and color

When choosing colors in the living room, there must be consistency with colors and light by choosing bright colors, unless the place has sunlight, so it is better to reduce the color slightly.

Harmony between light and color

Harmony between light and color

Cheerful colours

Many soft furnishings and accessories can be added in distinctive colors, such as the blue living room, which gives depth and richness to the living room, with features of pink or bold red to increase the feeling of warmth and a lot of fun.

Cheerful colours
Cheerful colours


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