An exciting confrontation between a white shark and a British photographer near Mexico. Video and photos

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The cameras documented an exciting moment for a British photographer who narrowly escaped a shark attack after it seemed as if she wanted to attack the man, as the video and photos were taken by London-born director and photographer Ewan Ranashan, 36, and the scenes show the direction of the shark and access to the inside of the protective cage by a few inches. , according to the Daily Mail.

The British photographer captured the clip with his camera in the Aquatic region of Guadalupe Island, 120 miles off the coast of Mexico, and at some point the shark came face to face with the brave photographer. The great white shark weighs an average of 2.267 kilograms and can reach a length of 7 meters.

In turn, Ewan Ranachan said: “I took these shots when we were on the island of Guadalupe Island. It was an unforgettable encounter with the king of the ocean. I was very excited because of the location of the boat and the place the sun made so that I could see through the water really easily.”.”

Shark near the illustrator

According to the researchers, there is a 1 in 4,332,817 chance of people dying as a result of a shark attack in their lifetime, and while unprovoked shark attacks are extremely rare worldwide – particularly in the UK – they tend to be more common in certain locations..

Florida is considered the shark bite capital of the world after 16 unprovoked attacks were reported there last year International Shark Attack Interactive map on their website, outlining global incidents since 1900.

While the data showed that Australia and the United States are two major hot spots for vicious shark incidents, with 50 cases occurring there in 2022.

The moment a shark approaches the photographers
The moment a shark approaches the photographers

Shark attack moment
Shark attack moment


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