A wedding turns into a funeral.. A woman loses her groom and turns into a widow on the night of her life. “Photos”

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In a painful incident, the bride, Johnny Mae Davis, became a wife and a widow within 10 minutes when her groom, Torres Davis, died suddenly of a fatal blood clot moments after their marriage on June 19..

The newlyweds

“Torez suffered a fatal stroke from which it was not possible to survive,” said wedding guest Joel Roberson. “His heart stopped for the first time at 4:35 p.m., just an hour after the ceremony began.” in a second, saying, “It happened in a matter of seconds,” according to the New York Post.

The groom minutes before his death
The groom minutes before his death

Tozer Davis was 48 years old

Torres Davis was 48 years old, and his children, Johnny May, and their family and friends were present for the wedding, which turned out to be a shocking reality.

The wedding turned into a funeral
The wedding turned into a funeral

Friends said that the couple were looking forward to fun, and were waiting for their big day after recently suffering two consecutive losses, including the death of Johnny May’s father. And how happy he is,” Miller continued, “It was an amazing day for him.”

In the aftermath of his death, Miller launched a campaign GoFundMe $100,000 in hopes of putting together Torrez’ burial expenses, plus some money to help the new bride with her children, according to the site..

The crowdfunding initiative raised just over $21,000, and Meal Train, a home-cooked food delivery service, was also created, as well as a range of online donations. ECO Supportive LivingOn behalf of the grieving widow.


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