A bear breaks into an American house to eat and then leaves it in a smart way. Video

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A video clip documented a bear breaking into a house in the US state of Colorado in search of food, and its escape from the place in a strange way, as a video clip published by the “UBI” agency showed a large bear hanging from the window of a house after it stormed it in pursuit of food.

Ryan McFlaren, the owner of the house, said that a neighbor filmed the bear leaving the house after eating slices of pork that were in the kitchen.

On the other side of the world of bears, a man while enjoying a coffee in the open air in “Tuscan” in the US state of Arizona was attacked by a giant bear, killing him in a brutal way, according to mirror.

Stephen Jackson, 66, was surprised by the attack of a huge black bear, while he was drinking his morning coffee, and dragged him for a distance of 22 meters. They decided to kill him with a firearm, according to the British Daily Star newspaper.

A bear climbs a house window

A bear kills a man in front of his house in America

The incident began when Jackson was building a house on his land, completely unaware of the presence of the predator until he pounced on him, and the neighbors who heard Jackson screaming for help tried to deter the bear with screams and car horns, but the animal did not leave him until a resident fired his gun and killed the bear.

“Unfortunately, by that time, Jackson had succumbed to his injuries,” the city officer’s office said. Arizona Game and Fish officials believe the bear’s aggression was a predatory response, but are baffled as to the cause of the attack.


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