5 hidden behaviors that show the truth of the personality .. “It is difficult to fake it”

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We may meet a person who seems kind, funny, and has a charming personality, but some time has passed, you discover that the person is not real, and that what he was showing was not his true personality, but rather a charming and kind mask with those around him, and it may be difficult to know the actual personality of any person, but despite that, There are some behaviors that lead to a person’s inner self-knowledge, and to know these behaviors, you can follow the following report, according to the “”ideapod“.

Subtle actions

How do they treat service providers

This is considered one of the best measures that can be known about a person’s behavior, through how he treats people who work in providing services, such as waiters, customer service employees, or anyone whose job is to provide services. Watch carefully whether they treat these people respectfully or scold them, and treat them inappropriately Good, whoever treats the person in front of him, whatever his job, nicely, is a real person and has a sympathetic heart.

When receiving constructive criticism

Each person may receive some criticism during his career, and the reception of that constructive criticism may vary. There are those who accept that constructive criticism and take it as an opportunity for growth, and there are people who become defensive and criticize those around him when anyone makes a remark to him, which makes him unable to deal with criticism. .

Empathy for people

Empathy for people

How to deal with conflict

Conflict is a must during the course of life, and it may be in conflict and the matter may reach conflict and argument, the person may resort to insults and personal attacks, which means that the person is aggressive with revealing weakness in dealing with feelings and childish mentality, while the person who remains calm hears During the quarrel, the other side displays its sympathy and finds common ground.

How to deal with strangers

The person may be characterized by good behavior with those he knows, but with a stranger, the matter may have a certain significance, the person who deals with the stranger with kindness, mercy, and friendliness, is a good person and realizes that everyone is human, while the person who ignores the stranger badly, which shows his lack of consideration for feelings others and focus on himself only.

Dealing with other people’s success

Some people may achieve certain successes, such as opening an activity or moving up at work, and we find a person who congratulates him with all his heart on that success, as he is a nice person, but he may be a person who is jealous of the success of those around him. The way a person responds to the achievement of others says a lot about his personality.

Interact with other people's successes
Interact with other people’s successes


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