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Children make Eid cakes in innovative ways

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publish date 2023-07-01 15:22:20

Children are engaged in making Eid cakes, in creative ways, in an atmosphere of joy prevailing with the advent of Eid Al-Adha, as part of activities that some centers seek to revive, to give a festive character in which children compete to highlight their most beautiful ideas that express joy in the Eid.
And because our true religion gave special attention to childhood, as confirmed by specialists in interviews with the Jordan News Agency (Petra), in its capacity as the transmitter of its teachings to different ages, it has settled in the minds of many that cakes and sweets are a kind of joys that are appropriate for the feast, as it expands the space for children’s joy and love. It directly contributes to building their personality and expressing themselves.
They pointed out that the participation of children in making sweets with their companions is one of the most important educational, social and exploratory elements of the surroundings of his world. To strengthen the note.

Children expressed their happiness and gratitude for such courses and activities, who soon benefited from them, but rushed to their homes to apply them in larger quantities to distribute them to their relatives and loved ones, bragging about them, exalting themselves with confidence and pride, in their ability to make Eid sweets in creative and aesthetic ways.
Iman Sheikh Hassan, a mother of four children, is keen to involve them in activities and events that develop their skills and creativity, and enhance feelings of joy on various occasions, by participating with their peers, and interacting with them, in a way that develops their positive values, and enhances the social, cognitive and emotional aspects, by investing their free time, to keep their mark. characteristic of this large community.
Lina Al-Salem believes that it is very important to prepare the child and rehabilitate him at every stage of his life, and to involve him in specialized centers that work to develop his personality, and increase his knowledge of his society and religion, through courses that seek to bring joy to himself, engaging with his companions in making baked goods and sweets that give Feelings of joy and pleasure they have on the occasion of the feast.
Chef Israa Berjawi, owner of the Flavors Kitchen project, says: “Every year, I like to prepare a celebration for Eid. Any activity in which a child is involved will spread feelings of joy and pleasure in his heart.”
She added: This year, I chose to teach the child how to prepare “cake”, but in a new and innovative way, and to make “biscuits”, “cookies”, “cupcakes” and “donuts” in the shape of the Eid sheep.
She pointed out that the additions were inspired by the shape of the sheep, so the candy was covered with white cream, and “marshmallows” to give the shape of wool, as well as sugar paste, to give aesthetics to each piece of candy, as the child seeks through it to put his creative and artistic touches, indicating that this It is being specially prepared, coinciding with the occasion of the blessed Eid Al-Adha, so that the child can enjoy his time while repeating the takbeers and chants of the feast.
Professor of Sociology, Dr. Muhammad Al-Daqas, said that many centers are spreading these days to teach children activities and crafts, especially making sweets and biscuits on the occasion of the blessed Eid Al-Adha. sweets and more.
He pointed out that some centers are keen to teach children to make sweets, especially on festive occasions, including the blessed Eid al-Adha, where children make sweets while they are very happy and cheerful, cooperating with each other.
And he indicated that this industry develops specialized knowledge for them, so that they become masters of it through their continuation of work, and in this, Ibn Khaldun says: “The repetition of work leads to mastery of it and to the love of this work in the end.”
The nature of work in these industries generates positive aspects for children in the social, economic and educational aspects, and the impact of this appears in two aspects: the first is for the child, and the second is for the society itself, according to Al-Daqs.
And he indicated that the child develops participatory work with others and a love for mastering his work, as it benefits children and society when these industries are marketable. In this, Adam Smith, the economist, says: “The individual, while seeking to achieve a benefit for himself, achieves a benefit for others.” In the sense that the child benefits and so does society.
He stressed that children’s preoccupation with these activities occupies their time, and keeps them away from electronic games that may lead them to addiction and can distract them from their lessons at school, stressing that teaching children a letter has great benefits for them and society, according to Al-Daqs.
In turn, the Dean of the Faculty of Sharia and Islamic Studies at Yarmouk University, Dr. Muhammad Talafha, indicated that childhood is one of the most important stages of human life. Because if we succeed in raising and caring for the child, we will have succeeded in preparing the future person.
And he indicated that the child is affected by his society and his family, so the family gathering to read the Holy Qur’an, the obligatory prayer, the supererogatory prayer such as the Eid prayer, the application of the sacrifice year, the duty of kinship ties, and honoring children (with the feasts) enhance their religious feeling, and it has a great impact on the love of the feast day, and teaches them the importance Show gratitude and appreciation to loved ones.

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