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A Jordanian doctor performs complex surgeries using a robot for the first time

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publish date 2023-07-01 16:31:35

A Jordanian surgeon was able to perform complex operations using a robot for the first time in western Britain, in a new technology that increases control, accuracy and flexibility, and with fewer complications for patients.

Since the device arrived at Great Western Hospital in Swindon, western UK, 3 weeks ago, consulting surgeon Anwar Aweys, along with his colleague Doctor Roderick Alexander, had performed at least 9 robotic bowel operations until Friday.

Owais told Al-Mamlaka that the robot simulates human arms with 4 hands equipped with a camera, which the doctor can control while sitting in a console that includes a screen that provides a three-dimensional display and performs operations using these arms located next to the patient’s bed as if he is inside the patient’s body.

He added that this method allows the doctor to perform minimally invasive operations with very precise tools to penetrate inside the body, explaining that the surgical incisions resulting from the robotic surgery are very small and reach less than one centimeter in most cases.

Aweys explained that the robotic surgery allows the surgeon to have a clear view of the operation site on a large three-dimensional screen and to perform the necessary procedure without the need to open a large wound, and to perform operations on patients that he “could not perform through laparoscopic surgery.”

He pointed out that the robot allows the doctor to move remotely inside the human body at 360-degree angles, which gives greater clarity, more control, and access to positions and areas that were previously difficult to reach.

And Dr. Owais explained that the robotic surgery prevents surgeons from standing for long hours and enables them to perform operations while they are in a sitting position, and allows the doctor to perform the largest possible number of operations per day compared to traditional surgery and without wearing complicated operating clothes.

Through robotic surgery, the patient loses less blood than he might lose during conventional surgery, and also contributes to a faster recovery and return to normal life, as it reduces the patient’s stay in the hospital after the operation, according to Owais.

(A device for performing robotic surgeries at the Great Western Hospital in Swindon, western UK)

He explained that the robotic surgery reduces scars at the site of the operation and reduces the possibility of wound complications, and the small surgical incisions reduce the feeling of pain and the patient’s need for painkillers.

Oweis called on the medical sector in Jordan to take advantage of this type of surgery, given the many benefits offered by medicine and its development in order to develop the sector in Jordan, explaining that he is ready to provide assistance to the sector’s representatives in order to transfer this experience to his country.

Dr. Owais, pointed out that the robot cannot replace the surgeon despite the continuous development of medicine, explaining that “the human body from the inside differs from one person to another” and the new robotic surgery enhances the doctor’s skills in treating very delicate operations.

And the Jordanian doctor indicated that this surgery contributes to performing operations in all specialties to treat several types of colon cancer, and major and minor operations such as diseases of the liver, gallbladder, urinary tract and kidneys, in addition to bone and joint surgery.

Oweis had previously been the first to work on a previous technology represented by two cameras inside a capsule that the patient swallows and takes many pictures with the aim of diagnosing and early detection of tumors and problems of the entire digestive system.

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