Strange restrictions on fashion in some countries.. High heels are forbidden in parts of Greece

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Some may think that they can wear whatever pieces of clothing and accessories they like, but what some people do not know is that there are countries that prevented the wearing of certain pieces of clothing and it came to imposing a fine on those who violate that, and we review in this report, pieces of clothing and accessories that were banned by some countries, according to what site mentioned theculturetrip“.

Clothing and accessories prohibited in some countries

North Korean women’s trousers

For many years, women in North Korea were prohibited from wearing trousers in public, specifically from 1970 until August 2009. These measures, along with other strict dress codes, are enforced by North Korea’s “fashion police”.

north korea

Wear traditional Bhutan clothes

Since 1989, men and women in Bhutan have had to adhere to a strict dress code, whereby males must wear a robe. Gho It is a kimono-like robe that is knee-length, and the woman has to wear a long gown with a tunic that knows her name. TegoWhoever violates this tradition is subject to heavy fines, but this tradition does not apply to tourists when visiting.


Mini skirts are illegal in Uganda

Uganda imposes certain rules on clothing, and women in particular are prohibited from showing too much of their bodies. In 2014 the ‘mini skirt ban’ was introduced as part of the country’s anti-pornography bill which bans immodest clothing, and this has led to Women who wear skirts above the knee are subject to arrest.

High heels in Greece

Greece has banned tourists from wearing high-heeled shoes when taking a trip to the monuments, in order to preserve archaeological areas of historical importance.

shoes with heels
shoes with heels

Army style dress is frowned upon in India

In the aftermath of the terrorist attacks, the Indian Army has issued a ban on civilians wearing army clothing, asked shopkeepers to stop selling martial arts, and India’s tourism minister has advised women not to wear skirts when traveling in rural areas.


Swimwear in Barcelona and Mallorca

Both Barcelona and Mallorca have banned the wearing of swimwear anywhere other than on the beach or nearby streets, and those who break those instructions can be arrested and face a fine of approximately £265 in Barcelona, ​​or up to £500 in Majorca.



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