If your wedding is near.. Know what the relationship of the success of the marriage is to the budget and costs of the wedding ceremony

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“They spent millions on joy and they are not happy” is a comment repeated on many marriages that start with a huge wedding ceremony and great costs and then end in a quick time, as some families are keen to hold an expensive wedding, whether with the aim of bragging in front of the invitees or because it is the night of life, so it must be held on Completely, but what some people do not know is that spending a little on the wedding ceremony may guarantee a successful long-term marriage, and this is what we will review in the report, according to what was mentioned by the site “yourtango“.

A huge wedding

A 2014 study indicated that couples who held a huge wedding had a short married life, as the chance of divorce was 3.5 times greater for couples who spent more than $20,000 compared to those who spent between $5,000 and $10,000. The researchers also mentioned Evidence indicates that weddings that have a high number of attendees and at the same time are relatively inexpensive witness a low percentage of divorce rates, and this may be due to the fact that those who cost their wedding parties accumulate debts that make them think about planning to pay them off after marriage, which disturbs their lives and causes They separated after a short time.


It is considered the most important wedding trend that many follow during this period and is considered financially expensive, such as bachelorette parties, holding a “photo session” for the wedding, hiring videographers, preparing breakfasts and lunches for the invitees, and other things that cause a lot of money to be spent.

Simple wedding
Simple wedding

The report advised those who are about to get married to rationalize their expenses when planning the wedding ceremony, such as being content with one floor of the ceremony cake, renting a small hall that accommodates a few invitees from the closest friends and relatives, being satisfied with the basics only, and avoiding spending money on entertainment that can be dispensed with, and thus the couple begins their new life without Debts or financial obligations disturb their lives because of their extravagance in spending on a large, expensive wedding and renting entertainment that could have been dispensed with.


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