If you want to be photogenic.. 4 ​​secrets that make you look attractive in photos

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Many young girls and boys want to look radiant and attractive in the pictures, but they do not know how to do that, and some do not like to take pictures because of the bad appearance in the picture. Photography is not easy most of the time, but some may appear stunning in the pictures, which makes the look and shape wonderful, and the positions in which they stand, and many attendees appear in the pictures, but photography is something that can be done easily, by means of the following simple rules, according to site “yourtango“.

Selfie photography

How to be more attractive in photos

Ensure proper lighting

It is known that lighting is everything, and it does not require many equipment, but it is possible to know the source of the lighting and how the shadows are cast on the face.

The most famous mistake is the light coming from above. It emphasizes the nose and cheeks and casts shadows on the eyes. As for the light from the side, it gives a wonderful fullness and texture, but it should be avoided if the face is swollen or wrinkled. Therefore, people look better with the light spread directly to the face or From a high angle, which is probably the most common car selfie, and sunlight from behind.

Think about how you feel at that moment

Whoever faces the camera must understand what he feels if he feels anxious about facing the camera, this will appear during taking the picture, and there are some solutions to get out of that anxiety, and the next time when taking a picture, he must relax in front of the camera while observing breathing And to make sure that it is deep, regular and slow, another trick can be used, which is listening to music while taking the picture to help relax.



Wear skin-friendly clothing

It is possible to wear certain colors that enhance features when taking a photo, by choosing clothes that suit skin color and eye color, such as choosing a yellow or olive color if the skin has a warm color, and so on, while wearing clothes that fit the shape of the body, that show the features and hide the flaws of the body .

Learn the special angles

You should hold the phone and take some pictures to see what different types of angles are good, by experimenting with the right side and the left side, to see how attractive you look in the pictures.



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