5 side dishes that can be served next to the fatteh.. including tortillas

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People start eating the fatteh dish from the first day of the feast, even when they go to visit someone, the fatteh is also served, as it is the main dish that everyone eats, on Eid al-Adha, but the difference here is the side dishes that can be served with it, and the housewife is confused about snacks Or appetizers that can be served alongside fatteh, and “The Seventh Day” reviews different items to be served alongside fatteh.

Calf sweets

A dish can be served with more fried mambar and fisha with spleen with a little salt and black pepper, and it can be eaten as a distinctive appetizer in the presence of guests, for lunch, as it is a distinctive dish rich in health benefits in addition to its dazzling delicious taste.

Eid gesture

Pickled eggplant

Eggplant is one of the special dishes that can be eaten alongside the fatteh dish. It can be served boiled and pickled and stuffed with other peppers and hot peppers, with more garlic seasoning. It can also be served in fried rings dipped in garlic paste, which is a mixture of sautéed garlic in a little oil and dry coriander with cumin, and two tablespoons of vinegar, and pour them over the fried eggplant.

Dakkah vinegar and garlic

This accuracy is considered one of the most common things that are served next to the fatteh dish, which gives anything you eat a distinctive and different taste, as it is more garlic that is dazzled with a crumb, black pepper and spices, with a cup of vinegar, and is left on the fire for a little, then a pre-prepared meat soup is poured over it. .


Garlic tomatoes

Tomato salad is one of the most distinguished salads that can be served with fatteh and holiday dishes. Tomatoes are cut into slices and seasoned with salt, cumin and lemon juice.


Rigag sheets are stuffed with minced meat, with more meat spices, black pepper and nutmeg, and it is cooked in two ways either in the oven or on a simple fire over the stove.



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