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Tarabianco, or as it is called cold meat, is considered one of the best pieces of meat that can be served on Eid al-Adha, so “Youm Seven” reviews, during the following lines, how to make cold meat with sauce with easy and simple ingredients in the kitchen, according to the method of Chef Mai Siam.

Modus operandi of sweat Tarabianco

How to make Tarabianco Arak (cold meat): Ingredients:

The Tribianco race is “well tied”.

10Garlic cloves.

1Big onions.

1Tomatoes cut into pieces..

1 grated carrot.

1bell pepper.

1 Diced potatoes or two tablespoons of flour.


black pepper.

Cardamom not ground.


A quarter of a spoonful of cinnamon.

How to prepare the Tarabianco juice:

First, chop the onions, tomatoes, peppers and spices together and set aside.

Using a knife, make holes in the veins.

Instilled with garlic, not crushed, and cardamom.

Then prepare a pot on the fire with a greasy substance.

Then the sweat is well frayed and reddened from all directions.

Then add the dressing and vegetables.

Leave the meat until it turns brown.

Then add water and leave to simmer.

When it is cooked, we take the product of the leveling and beat it in the blender, and it becomes a sauce that is served with slices of meat.

To cut even slices, the meat must be left to cool completely, then cut into rings and served to family members.

Ingredients for the tribianco juice
Ingredients for the tribianco juice
cold meat
cold meat


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