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Eid rituals and celebration, linking it to the Eidiya and distributing it to children and adults bring happiness to them and make them feel cared and happy. To his wife, according to Shaima Iraqi, a family relations and behavior modification consultant.

The family relations consultant told Al-Youm Al-Sabea: “Some husbands do not give their wives Eid gifts even after distributing them to their sisters and sons, which affects the wife’s psyche, and she may not speak or ask the husband, but she feels distressed without showing any signs of distress.”

Eid giving tips

Some observations that the husband must take into account when he gives his wife an Eid

Make sure to present the Eid gift to the wife in proportion to your financial capabilities, and do not skimp on her in giving her the Eid gift, and offer her congratulations so that joy enters her heart.

Do not prefer your children over your wife, and do not limit yourself to presenting them with only the Eid Make it your circle of interest.

In addition to offering a gift to your brothers, daughters, and mother, you also have to present a gift to your wife.

– Eidiya is a symbol of Eid, and you should not turn a blind eye to it or be stingy with it on your wife, as it brings joy to her With words of love and congratulations, andMake sure to present the Eid in an acceptable manner and present it as a gift for her.

Giving Eidiya to the husband
Giving Eidiya to the husband


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