How to make Kawara tagine with grape leaves.. Enjoy the feast with the most delicious food

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Many people prefer stuffed vegetables of all kinds, especially stuffed with distinctive and famous grape leaves. It may be combined with meat or chicken in one casserole, so we can show you how to make grape leaves casserole with trotters according to the way of Chef Doaa Noir.

Streets with grape leaves

How to make grape leaves tagine with trotters: Ingredients:

Chopped knuckles.

chopped onion.

cut carrots


Cardamom and mastic.

Laura paper.


black pepper.

Stuffed Grape Leaves Ingredients:

1/2 A kilo of boiled grape leaves.

2 A cup of Egyptian rice, washed and drained.

A cup of mixed greens (parsley, dill, green coriander).

A teaspoon of cinnamon.

A spoonful of black pepper.

tomato juice.

1/4 cup of oil.

1 Sliced ​​​​carrot fruit.

1 Sliced ​​​​onion fruit.

How to prepare the trotters:

The knuckles are washed and placed in boiling water for one boil Then remove from the water.

Then a pot of 2 liters of water is raised on the stove and onions, carrots, celery, bay leaf, mastic and cardamom are added to it. After it boils, trotters are added.

Then remove the rim whenever it appears on the surface of the broth.

After cooking, season with salt and pepper, then remove from the stock.

How to prepare stuffed grape leaves:

Mix rice, chopped greens and spices together.

Then add a little tomato juice and half the amount of oil.

Then he stacks the onion and carrot slices on the bottom of the tagine, then stuffs the grape leaves and stacks one layer after the other.

Then cubes of trotters are placed in the middle of the tagine.

Then stack the rest of the stuffed fingers on top.

Then the tagine is watered with broth and then placed in a preheated oven for an hour.

How to make grape leaves with trowels
How to make grape leaves with trowels

Grape leaves tagine with trotters
Grape leaves tagine with trotters


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