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The “Islamic Action” condemns the burning of a copy of the Holy Qur’an in Stockholm and calls for the expulsion of the Swedish ambassadors and an economic boycott of it

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publish date 2023-06-29 21:32:16

The Islamic Action Front party strongly denounces what an extremist in Sweden has done by tearing and burning a copy of the Holy Qur’an in front of the Stockholm Central Mosque, and carrying out what the party described as a “heinous and despicable crime” with strict security protection and permission from the Swedish government.

And we consider the Swedish government a partner in this crime after it granted permission to carry out this despicable attack on our most important holy book, the Holy Qur’an, which targets Muslims in their beliefs and insults their sacred values ​​under the cover of freedom of expression, through this act that is considered a crime of hate and racism.

The party calls on the Swedish government to immediately stop these measures that encourage hatred and violence, to apologize to the Islamic world, and to take all measures to hold accountable those who carried out this act and gave the green light to implement it, and we call on it to prevent these hateful actions that are condemned by all the free people of the world.

The party calls for practical measures on the ground against the crime committed by the Swedish government against the Holy Qur’an, by boycotting its goods and expelling its ambassadors from various Arab and Islamic countries.

The party also calls on the political and societal forces, scholars and the general public of Jordan to participate in a sit-in in front of the Swedish embassy on Tuesday, after sunset, in victory for the Book of God Almighty, and to condemn the crime of its desecration, and to demand an official apology from the Swedish government for this heinous crime.

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