How to make an air and clothes freshener with natural ingredients in your home.. after grilling and slaughtering the sacrifice

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Although many women seek to clean and arrange the house, and make it more clean and bright, some of them, after doing all this, notice that the house smells not good and sticks to the smell of slaughtered animals and roasting after preparing food, despite the use of the most expensive air freshener, but it works temporarily And it disappears suddenly, so why didn’t you think about making an air freshener ?, and for your fabrics, and with a distinctive scent of your choice, while ensuring its stability and strength, and for this reason, “The Seventh Day” presents a way to make a distinctive freshener, which distinguishes your home, according to what was published by the website.mummyoffice“.

Air freshener

To make your own fabric freshener, you will need:

spray bottle.


Bicarbonate of soda or baking soda.

My favorite fragrant essential oil.

How to prepare

Add 1 tablespoon of baking soda to a spray bottle, then add 10 drops of your favorite essential oil.

Then fill the bottle up to 3/4 with boiled water that has been slightly cooled.

Close the bottle cap tightly, shake well, spray and enjoy the fragrance.

Fabric freshener
Fabric freshener

The other way, components:

Half a cup of water.

Half a cup of alcohol sold in pharmacies.

Drops of essential oil

How to prepare

Mix all the ingredients in a spray bottle and shake it well, use it on any area of ​​the house, or even in the air, and enjoy the refreshing scent.

Another way to make an air freshener, and its ingredients:

cup of baking soda.

A cup of liquid fabric softener.

2 cups warm water.

How to prepare

Mix the three ingredients and put the refresher in a spray bottle, and spray the ingredients on any fabric that needs refreshing and perfuming.

home fragrance
home fragrance

Another way to make a freshener and deodorant:

Freshener ingredients:

Lemon slices.

Rosemary sprigs.

4 drops of vanilla extract.

A stick of cinnamon.

How to prepare:

Place the ingredients in a bottle filled with warm water.

To make the scent stronger, use hot water or heat all ingredients on the stovetop to boiling. You can adjust the recipe as needed to produce just the right amount of fragrance to mask the stench.

You can use your homemade fabric freshener for many different things including; Sleeping pillows, curtains, for the car, for the wardrobe, to perfume the socks drawers, to perfume your handbag.


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