Etiquette of eating mombar and head meat during the weddings.. Follow the rules and forget the embarrassment

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Fish, tripe, head meat, and trotters are called sacrificial fruits, and a large number of families in the entire Arab world depend on them as a permanent main meal on their tables, and they cook them in their homes or go to eat them in restaurants designated to provide this type of food. Seventh”, in the following lines the etiquette of eating al-Fasha, mambar, trotters, and head meat, according to Hala al-Azab, an expert on etiquette and human relations.

Etiquette of eating sacrificial fruits

Etiquette of eating fish, tripe and head meat

The etiquette expert told Al-Youm Al-Sabaa: “Fruit sacrificed is one of the foods whose quality and shape are shaped by meat, so the method of eating them is similar to the way of eating regular meat, so some of them need a fork and knife, so you have to take the piece with the distribution tool and then put the pieces in the dish.” And eat it with a fork and knife, and if it was served mixed with sauce or sauce, the pieces can be picked up with a fork and placed in the special dish, and then cut and eaten.

Mombar eating etiquette

She continued: “The mambar is from the stuffed family, so it is inappropriate to use hands to eat it But it is cut like stuffed in the form of small pieces and eaten with a fork, and if some grains of rice or stuffing come out of the mumbar, then the method of eating rice must be used, which is to fix the fork on the side of the plate and by means of a knife, the stuffing is filled on the fork and then eaten.

Etiquette of eating trotters

And she continued: “As for the trotters, they are served in two ways, boneless and boneless, and the trotters are eaten with a fork and knife in the usual way.If it is served with bones, then the meal provider must break the bone so that it becomes small pieces that are easy to carry with the distribution tool and transfer in the special dish, and then fix the bone with a fork, and we clean it with a knife, until the piece is completely finished. As for the marrow, we can extract it easily with a knife, and eat it with a fork, and then The pieces of bone are placed to the left of the special plate or transferred to another plate designated for placing the bones in it.

Eat mumbar
Eat mumbar


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