Celebrate the holiday and save your time.. Smart tricks that help you finish cleaning clothes in a short time

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Avoid wasting your time on laundry operations that cause the first days of Eid al-Adha to be lost in cleaning, and some socks are lost, so “The Seventh Day” reviews, during the following lines, some tips that help you do the laundry in an easy way that saves money and time, according to what was stated on the website. thespruce

Laundry hacks that save time

Smart tricks to save time when doing laundry and preserving socks:

Add vinegar:

Vinegar is one of the necessities that can be used to clean clothes, so put a little vinegar at the final rinse to remove detergent residues that leave white and colored fabrics and cause them to become dull. It also helps remove mold or any odors in clothes.

Keep socks from getting lost.

You can save enough time keeping your socks from getting lost, and keep all your socks in a mesh bag when washing.

Dry clothes faster:

There are some smart tricks to dry clothes quickly, by adding some dry bath towels to the clothes you want to dry, it will help you absorb moisture and speed up the drying process in a short time, and you can get your clothes dried.

Using ice to remove wrinkles:

Snow is a clever multi-purpose hack that can speed up the laundry process, help save time, and remove wrinkles from clothes, so throw a handful of ice into your rinse cycle.

Sprinkle salt on laundry stains:

Table salt can treat some tough stains and help maintain colors, it can also help remove blood stains, so sprinkle salt on the stains for a few minutes, then brush it and wash the clothes, also you can make a paste of salt and water and put it on the stains with rubbing for cleaning.

Keep socks from disappearing
Keep socks from disappearing
Salt to remove stains
salt to remove stains


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