Before you grill the meat, know how to choose the right charcoal

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With the rise in temperatures, some may think about moving away from the idea of ​​​​barbecuing, in the days of Eid al-Adha, due to the high temperatures, with the excessive heat resulting from the ignition of coal, due to the different types of coal, which some do not know that coal is types and each type has a method of ignition. And use, and this is what results in heat and subsidence.

There are two main types in choosing charcoal, one of poor quality and another that is prepared under the basic standards of global monitoring, which take into account environmental and health risks, and all types of vegetable charcoal are not equal, as charcoal with good ingredients makes food good, and to obtain the information you need to choose the right charcoal for your grill, “The Seventh Day” reviews the types of coal and the method of choosing them, according to the website’s bulletin.southernliving“.


Compressed charcoal briquettes

Pressed briquettes are considered one of the best types of charcoal, as the vegetables and meat grilled with them are more mature and less affected by fire, because their temperatures are constant and distributed evenly, which is suitable for non-professionals in grilling.

instant charcoal briquettes

These instant molds are suitable for cooking inside the house, in the oven, and then the charcoal is set on fire and inserted with the food for 10 minutes. They give the food a distinctive grilling flavor without being recognized, as if it was cooked on charcoal.

Grilled meat
Grilled meat

Wood charcoal

It is pieces of hard wood that have been converted into carbon. You can rely on fast-lighting charcoal, and it leaves only a small amount of ash after burning. It is not as dense as briquettes and needs more of it to grill the desired amount of meat, as it results in more smoke and slump. This makes it a poor choice for grilling meat.

Grilled meat
Grilled meat

clean coal

In order to make sure you are buying high quality charcoal, it is best to choose clean charcoal rather than regular charcoal, which means it contains the least amount of organic matter, moisture and tar and will burn better, just look at the instructions and information on the packaging.


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