After tortillas, fatteh and meat.. 5 tips to stabilize body weight during Eid al-Adha

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Eid al-Adha is distinguished by the delicious fatty food that contains a delicious taste, and of course on Eid al-Adha everyone eats delicious food from tortillas, fattah rice and garlic sauce, and after eating the food one remembers the weight that he will gain as a result of the food he ate in large quantities, calories, and there are some The ways in which this matter can be realized is to reduce the body’s exposure to these huge fats, oils, and calories, according to the “Indiatimes“.

Ways to protect the body from gaining weight:

Go for a walk:

Walking is one of the things accomplished that serves as a quick treatment for the body, and a 30-minute walk can be a solution by dealing with the food that has been eaten, by going for a slow walk after eating fatty food, to feel comfortable, improve, and walking is an exercise in itself.


lukewarm water:

It is possible to get lukewarm water after eating a hearty meal full of calories, which allows the digestive system to activate and divide the nutrients into small forms, because not consuming water causes the body to absorb the water it needs from food, which leads to constipation.



Plan the next meal:

After eating the delicious tortillas and fatteh rice, you can plan the next meal to help the body regain its balance by choosing a healthy snack of whole grains and healthy cooked vegetables that does not contain high calories.



Eat fruits and vegetables:

Of course, fatty foods are devoid of fiber and useful nutrients, and consuming a large amount of them may lead to a feeling of constipation, and for this reason, when eating fatty food, there must be a plate of fresh vegetable salad next to it, or a plate of fresh fruits to be good for providing nutrients beneficial to the body and preventing Harm of greasy food.



Do not eat cold food:

Eating ice cream and ice cream is a good idea, especially in hot weather, but you should not do so because it has many high calories, and avoid eating ice cream after eating fatty food because it will be heavy on the stomach and it is difficult to digest food easily.


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