A trip on the first day of Eid al-Adha.. How to make delicious fatteh and tortillas with meat

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The Egyptian fattah dish is one of the famous traditional dishes in the Egyptian society, which is served as a main dish, especially on the first days of Eid al-Adha.

How to prepare fatteh with meat

How to make the fatteh: Ingredients:

Cubes of meat.





tomato juice.


Cardamom mastic.

Laura paper.

live my country

Ripe Egyptian rice.




black pepper.

How to prepare:

Baladi bread is roasted in the oven, stirring it from time to time, until it takes on a distinctive golden color.

Then sauté the garlic with a tablespoon of oil.

Then add vinegar.

Then add an amount of tomato juice with salt and spices.

Then brown the boiled meat cubes in a spoonful of butter.

Then the roasted bread is stacked in a large tray and watered with some meat stock.

Then put the ripe rice on top of the toasted rice and add the fatteh sauce.

Finally, the meat cubes are stacked on top of the fattah.

Yogurt salad
Yogurt salad

How to make yogurt salad: Ingredients:

Yogurt salad is one of the delicious and distinctive appetizers because of its distinctive taste and many benefits because it contains many important nutrients. Here is a special and distinctive way for it, which is:

2 Yogurt package.

2 peeled, grated and drained cucumbers.

A teaspoon of minced garlic.

A teaspoon of crushed dry mint.


black pepper.

How to prepare:

Mix all ingredients together andServed with fatteh dishes.

How to make tortillas with minced meat

Regag with minced meat is one of the authentic and famous Egyptian recipes on the Egyptian table. Where it is preferred by many in invitations and banquets, in addition to its importance in the first days of Eid, and the way it works is:

8 Layers of dry crackers.

meat stock.


A teaspoon of baking powder.

Minced and grated meat.

Preparation steps

Melting ghee.

Then add stock.

Then add the stock in a large pot or tray with a teaspoon of baking powder.

Then the tortillas are poured with broth and 4 layers are stacked, then the kneaded meat is placed.

Then the rest of the layers of tortillas, watered with broth, are stacked on top of the kneaded meat.

Then you enter a preheated oven until it takes an attractive golden color.

Tortillas with minced meat
Tortillas with minced meat


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