The etiquette of visiting the feast and presenting gifts and feasts to the fiancée.. Rules that you must know

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The betrothed are interested in making reciprocal visits on the blessed Eid al-Adha, in order to strengthen the relations between the two families, but the preacher must present some elegant behavior that confirms his interest in his fiancée. The details that must be known, so “The Seventh Day” reviews, during the following lines, the etiquette of visiting the holiday and giving gifts, according to what Hala Al-Azab, an expert in etiquette and human relations, indicated.

Spend the feast for the engaged

And the etiquette expert said in her interview with “The Seventh Day”: “After calling and finding out the date of their going to the Eid prayer, and it is necessary to go with them to pray and return, it is important not to leave them.” Except at the fiancée’s house, and if the bride’s family invites the fiancé to breakfast, then the fiancé must agree with them, knowing that he must inform his family by phone call so that they do not wait for him to break the fast. Also, he must not be at the fiancée’s house for a long time after eating breakfast until he leaves them to take an ample portion Of comfort”.

And she continued: “It is important for the preacher to be present with his fiancée’s family if they are preparing for the sacrifice immediately after the prayer, or to know the timing at which they will slaughter the sacrifice in order to be present with them and share these moments with them. He took the appointment by phone call or at the time of his meeting with the fiancée’s family at the time of the Eid prayer.

And she continued: “The visit takes place on the date agreed upon completely, and a gift is bought that is suitable for the home or the family and is given to the father or mother as soon as the preacher enters the house with his family. Single, without a classy card, and a small gift, such as an “antique” piece, with money inside.

And she said: “It is recommended that the feast be new money of the large denomination consisting of two or more papers, according to the fiancé’s ability. The fiancée must accept the groom’s feast and receive it calmly and tenderly, while thanking the preacher and congratulating him, taking care not to count the feast money in front of the preacher and discuss with him their number, whether positive or negative. It is necessary to emphasize the family of Al-Khatib to return the visit and set its date. When visiting Al-Khatib’s house, it is necessary to buy a valuable gift that the Al-Khatib family presents to Al-Khatib’s family.



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