An Ecuadorean pilot takes stunning photos of the storm from inside the cockpit

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An Ecuadorian pilot, Santiago Borja, was able to take amazing pictures of the storms from inside the cockpit, and he monitored with pictures a number of thunderstorms that he met while flying in the air.

It took him some time to get the right shooting settings, and a bit of luck, to get his first shot of lightning, Borja said. Airplane window,” according to CNN Arabia.

The viewing angle from the cockpit is different

Borja explained that the angle of view from the cockpit is completely different from the angle of the passengers, and continued: “A completely different experience, not only because our windows are bigger and have better quality, but also sitting in the forward direction gives a different perspective on the world.”

“You can see many planes passing by that travelers can’t see, or you can see storms forming many miles away,” he continues.

Borja encounters these unique phenomena, which he documents in the Caribbean and Amazon regions all year long, adding, “I think every part of the world is unique when it comes to weather and landscapes.”

One such image, titled “Pacific Storm”, was widely shared by a Twitter user and attracted a lot of attention.

The two most prominent images taken by Borja, the first is titled “Pacific Storm”, which shows a type of cloud known as Altocumulus, usually associated with thunderstorms.

The Ecuadorian pilot’s second favorite, which became the cover of his photobook, is an image of a bolt of lightning illuminating the sky over the Ecuadorean rainforest..

“I was lucky enough to be able to take a close-up of lightning during daylight,” he recalls taking this photo. “It’s a one-time opportunity.”

Borja receives wide reactions from his followers on the social networking platform “Instagram”, and while some express their admiration for the beauty of the image, others focus their attention on the natural phenomena documented in the image, and there are also those who want to learn to fly.


Borja Pictures
Borja Pictures

Pictures from the cockpit
Pictures from the cockpit

Pacific storm photo
Pacific storm photo


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