5 ingredients, make sure they are in your kitchen before the feast. Garlic and the most prominent bread

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There are a lot of shops and markets that close their doors, on holidays, especially holidays and religious occasions, and this puts many women and heads of families in a dilemma when some supplies are missing from their cupboards, although there are some many alternatives, but the basic ingredients are what are given for meals Its distinctive taste, especially in the days of Eid, and the seventh day reviews some important supplies that must be stored and ensured that they are in your home before the Eid holiday.

Sacrificial feast

the bread

There is no doubt that bread is one of the most important basic ingredients in fatteh dishes of all kinds, in addition to that liver and sausage dishes are eaten with bread, so a sufficient amount of bread must be stored, whether in its natural or toasted form.


Tomatoes are the second basic ingredient for serving fatteh, so you must store a sufficient amount of them, whether natural, so that you can serve them in the salad, or even pressed to make sauce with them, whether for wrapping them or even for making tripe and bakery.

Eid al-Adha
Eid al-Adha

the Garlic

It is important for many of the special foods that are served on Eid, especially Eid al-Adha, and the large number of sauces of all kinds that need garlic, starting from the precision with which the fatteh, sauce, salad seasoning, and some meat that is prepared for grilling are prepared.


It is an important ingredient for preparing Eid meals, and the housewife may forget to buy a sufficient amount of it and be surprised that she needs onions, as the meat can only be boiled with the presence of onions, and it is also cut with baked vegetables, seasoned with it well, and served with liver and kidney sauce, and it can also be added in power.

The big feast
The big feast


Although it is an ordinary vegetable, it is considered an essential side dish next to all Eid dishes. It is served next to the kibbeh and kidneys meals, or with veal sweets, mambar, fish, tripe and kidneys, and it can also be served alongside tortillas.


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