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The most prominent 6 proposed places to spend the Eid holidays in Jerash and Ajloun

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publish date 2023-06-27 21:36:01

Although the atmosphere tends to be hot during the blessed Eid al-Adha holiday in most regions of Jordan, it is considered good for outdoor sessions, family trips, and other activities.

Preliminary forecasts indicate that a slight rise in temperatures will occur on Wednesday, coinciding with the first day of Eid Al-Adha, to be slightly higher than their usual levels, and the weather will be sunny and normal summer during the day and pleasant during the night.

Here are the top 6 proposed places to spend the Eid Al-Adha holiday in Jerash and Ajloun

first | Distinctive sites that you can visit in Ajloun

Ajloun cable car

  • And if we start by mentioning Ajloun, then we must talk about the most prominent tourist destination that was opened recently, which is the Ajloun cable car, with a 2.5-kilometer long route, “its first station begins in the plot allocated to the company within the lands of Al-Sawan development area in Ajloun, while the second station will be Near Ajloun Castle, where the project includes 40 vehicles that can be increased, with a capacity of 8 people per vehicle, at a price of 4 dinars per passenger, back and forth.

Forest we healed

  • Eshtafaina Forest, located to the north of Ajloun Castle, a series of hills covered with dense forest trees, between oaks, oaks and pine trees, forming one of the largest and most densely connected forests in the Ajloun Governorate. It is an area of ​​great tourist importance, as it is considered a major outlet for the residents of northern Jordan. Because of the beautiful scenery and mild weather.

Secondly 4 distinct places among nature in Jerash

  • Dibbeen Forest Reserve

It is located in Jerash Governorate, very close to the capital, Amman, and extends over an area of ​​8.5 square kilometers of mountainous areas. Covered by natural Aleppo pine and oak trees. It is considered one of the most beautiful destinations for those who want to visit Jerash. The reserve of the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature is located in the middle of the forests, which was established in 2004, but it lacks the presence of services and facilities for visitors. For this reason, in 2017 a new park was opened under the name “Hadat Dibbeen Park” near the old reserve.

  • King Talal Dam

It is one of the largest dams in Jordan, and it is located in Jerash Governorate, close to the capital, Amman. It is a dam surrounded by a few trees, and it contains a number of birds such as ducks, geese, and others, where a visitor who wants tourism in Jerash can enjoy the view of the water with trees and birds. However, its water is not very pure, as it is used for agriculture and electricity generation.

  • Deer Reserve

It is a nature reserve located near Dibbeen Reserve, at a distance of approximately 2 km, and is located next to forests with cedar trees. Where you can watch deer from behind the fences, enjoy their views and feed them, in addition to the availability of parking spaces near them. However, this reserve lacks public facilities and services for visitors, a place for sessions and other services. To access the reserve

  • Prince Hamzah Nature Reserve

It is a nature reserve, which was opened in 2004, and is located in the north of Jerash Governorate, in the “Kafr Khal” area. The reserve is located on 40 hectares of woodland planted with oak, pine and maple trees. The reserve can be reached from the main road of Jerash-Irbid, and walk towards Irbid until reaching the town of Kafr Khel.

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