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“I am a 30-year-old girl. I suffered a health crisis some time ago and recovered from it, thank God, but at the present time I cannot sleep as I used to, I may not be able to sleep two hours a day, I have a lack of concentration and sometimes irritability, and I no longer have the desire to work as I used to, I went I went to the doctor and after doing the tests he advised me to go to the psychiatry department, I need help because I suffer from severe insomnia and I have many problems in my life, what should I do?

Dear reader, we transferred your consultation to Dr. Raymond Michel Thabet, a mental health consultant, who said: First of all, we thank God for your safety and recovery from the health crisis, and we pray for your continued safety and health. First of all, we say that at this age, organic problems are rarely the main cause of lack of sleep, as sleep disorders are largely caused by psychological reasons or due to wrong habits that affect sleep quality.

In terms of the organic causes that may cause lack of sleep, hyperthyroidism, although this matter is infrequent, but we have to understand and mention all the aspects that cause this as a kind of medical precaution first. One of the important preliminary examinations is conducting an analysis of the thyroid hormone and analyzing a picture of the blood to take the necessary treatment If there is a decrease in the strength of the blood and the presence of anemia, or if there is an increase in the activity of the thyroid gland.

As for the acquired habits that lead to night insomnia, some people prefer daytime sleep for some time, and a nap that lasts more than forty-five minutes is known to cause poor sleep quality at night and insomnia, and it may also be associated with some drinking stimuli such as tea, coffee and water. Carbonated soda and eating chocolate at night with poor sleep, as well as a lot of thinking or doing mental work that requires concentration at night are among the wrong habits that cause night insomnia.

Accordingly, we first recommend the following:

Fixing a daily sleeping time as much as possible and waking up at a specific and fixed time even on days off helps the body a lot to improve the quality and strength of sleep, and helps the body’s systems to heal and recover, which makes the person in a state of vigilance and activity if he follows this continuously.

Getting used to walking and including it in the daily program to recover from insomnia has found that this helps a lot in improving sleep. Walking in the open air for half an hour a day greatly improves the quality of sleep, and we say that the quality of sleep is always more important than the number of hours.

– Praying before bedtime helps a person to sleep and lie down in peace when he knows that God is alone in reassuring him, so please be careful to follow that because of the comfort of the soul and the nerves.

– Avoid daytime sleep, even if a person is straining to regulate the functioning of the biological clock in the body.

Take a shower with warm water and drink a cup of warm milk before going to bed, as they have found benefits in improving sleep. It has been said that the use of lavender oil helps improve sleep because of the natural substances it contains that help relax and feel calm.

By following these instructions and being regular on them, sleep will improve, God willing, and you will feel relaxed, God willing. This is if it is for the most part related to the difficulty of sleeping only, but if he finds it difficult to sleep despite being careful to adhere to and follow the instructions for a continuous month, this may require talking to the doctor or visiting a specialist. Psychologically, because sleep disorders in general may be a symptom of psychological anxiety when this is accompanied by other problems in appetite and a person’s ability to eat food, whether by excess or deficiency.

We are all exposed to problems in our daily lives, no one’s life is ever devoid of problems, no matter how much a person possesses or thinks that he will find comfort once he obtains a certain thing or reaches a position or something else. Constantly striving and always trying and not giving in to failure no matter how much we fall. This is all we really need. Never give up when you are in the age of renewed energies. I hope that you always surround yourself with someone who encourages you to rise and rise again. Surround yourself with all that is positive and always remember that God’s grace and mercy Renewable as long as we are alive and striving.

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