If you want to renew your home before the start of Eid, simple ideas make the apartment modern

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Every housewife wants her home to look very beautiful and elegant, and to invest every space in the house to make it perfect and not have clutter or unwanted things in it, and before Eid, preparations are in full swing, to make the apartment very beautiful to receive relatives and guests after the Eid prayer, There are some things that can be done before the Eid, to renovate the house and to make the apartment space good, and everyone feels comfortable, according to the site.masterclass“.

Important tips for decorating an apartment

Make a small space look bigger

The housewife may think that the small apartment cannot do much, but this is not true. To make the small apartment wider, choose pieces of furniture with decorative or large legs, because the long legs make the eye look beyond the body of the seat, which gives space instead of looking at the base of the seat. Only, glass tables can prevent the feeling of heavy furniture in a small space.

And when choosing a mattress, it can be chosen that contains short legs or on the floor, to make the ceiling appear higher, and the room can be painted white, which gives a wide and large area to the room.


Make a wall of art

Distinctive paintings with different drawings and patterns can be hung on an empty wall, which will give depth to the place, and small shelves can be made to put artifacts and things so as not to block the way, and give a lot of cheerful colors to the place.

Use mirrors for the apartment

Mirrors give perfect elegance, because they reflect the lighting in a dazzling natural way, and give a wide space to the place, by hanging a mirror next to a window in the dining room, so the room looks larger, deeper, and brighter, and placing a long mirror will make the ceiling appear taller with elegance and clear sophistication.

Use a rug to divide the space

A rug or carpet can be used to define the separate space in the room, such as making the gentlemen next to the sofa, which defines the area in which social activity takes place, and the carpet next to the bed defines the bedroom, giving specific breaks, clearly and intelligently.



An attention-grabbing piece

The apartment can be made distinctive and elegant at the same time. A library can be made in a distinctive and clear color, or a wall can be made in a dark color, and drawings can be placed on it to focus the eye on it, in a sophisticated artistic way. You can also choose a distinctive shape for the apartment, and that pattern will be in all rooms, such as choosing a color A certain coffee table, to give a warm, cozy feel.



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