6 tips to help you protect your hair from the effect of high humidity in the summer

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On very humid days, you may struggle to keep your hair looking good. Humidity can cause frizzy hair and make it look unruly and uneven. In this report from Style Crazy, we will talk about hair care on very humid days, and we will give some effective tips to keep your hair looking good during these days..

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Hair should be washed regularly to prevent sweat and oils from collecting on the scalp and making hair feel heavy. You should use a mild shampoo that is suitable for your hair type.

drying hair:

Hair should be completely dried after showering. A hair dryer can be used on a low temperature for fast and effective hair drying.

Use of protection products:

Protective products can be used to protect hair from frizz and moisture damage. Hair conditioner or hair oil can be used to moisturize hair and prevent frizz.


A suitable hairstyle can be chosen to counter humidity. High, sleek hairstyles can keep your hair from frizzing and keep it looking sleek.

Avoid the heat:

You should avoid using heat styling tools on humid days, as moisture can make hair more susceptible to damage. Organic styling tools such as a wooden comb can be used to style hair.

Maintain clean hair:

Hair should be kept clean and dry on humid days. A soft towel can be used to dry the hair after showering and to avoid excessive friction.

With these simple tips, you can keep your hair looking good on particularly humid days. You should take care of your hair and choose the right products for your hair type.

Hair washing tips
Hair washing tips

Keeping hair from moisture
Keeping hair from moisture


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