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The prices of sacrificial animals are lower than last year

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publish date 2023-06-26 22:11:08

The media spokesman for the Ministry of Agriculture, Lawrence Majali, confirmed the abundance of local and imported sheep in the local market, which suffices the needs of citizens.

Al-Majali said, on Monday, on the “Nabd Al-Balad” program, which is broadcast on the “Roya” satellite channel, that the prices of sacrificial animals this year are lower than the prices of last year.

Al-Majali added that the prices are according to supply and demand for the sacrifices, noting that 40 percent of the sacrifices are from local production, and 60 percent from other origins.

Regarding price control, he explained that there is a specific profit margin, and prices may rise in certain areas in a specific manner.

And the Ministry of Agriculture announced in a statement on Sunday, through a statement that “Roya” received a copy of, that the quantities of sheep prepared for the market are more than double the needs of the local market for sacrifices, as there are up to 350 thousand heads of imported sheep.

She added, “There are also up to 950 heads of local sheep, of which 300,000 heads are prepared for sacrifice.

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