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“Al-Bawsala” monitors commercial activity below expectations, and traders are anticipating its improvement before the holiday

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publish date 2023-06-26 10:36:11

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A number of merchants in clothing stores, sweet shops and toasters confirmed to “compass“The commercial movement ahead of the blessed Eid al-Adha is still fluctuating and below expectations, at a time when they are waiting for the movement to improve and citizens to buy clothes, shoes, Eid sweets and other needs for the holiday.

Observers and economic experts confirmed to “Al-Bawsala” in previous interviews that the priorities of the Jordanian citizen differed in light of the difficult economic conditions in which the Jordanian citizen struggles to secure his basic needs, after things such as clothes, sweets, and others have become for him today, in light of the financial hardship, “things that are considered luxuries.” .

compassI noticed a fluctuating turnout in the market movement. While merchants complained about the lack of interest of citizens until this moment in buying “Eid sweets”, some clothing stores that offer offers of up to 50% discounts witnessed a moderate turnout.

A merchant selling Eid sweets said to:compassExpressing his regret at the weak purchasing movement of citizens: For the first time, I witness such a weakness in turnout, and it is not as if we are living in the days of Eid.

Indeed, as economists confirm about the difference in priorities, you will not be mistaken in seeing a movement to buy clothes for children, for example, while you find the shops that sell men’s and women’s clothes almost empty, and if you see clothing stores that have some kind of simple movement, then the shoe and leather stores have their owners standing at their doors waiting for someone to say Welcome to them.. This is what the market says and what you see with your own eyes in these days leading up to the feast.

Economic experts give many reasons for the weakness of the purchasing movement ahead of the blessed Eid Al-Adha, and not only the weak purchasing power that has eroded among the Jordanian citizen over the past years, but today he gives priority to the sacrifice, for example, over any other commitment, while many save this money to pay the commitment of Eid for their wombs, and others were hoping that the government would postpone the installments so that the markets would flourish, but these hopes have evaporated.

Postal parcels affected the clothing sector

The head of the Garment Merchants Syndicate, Sultan Allan, sounded the alarm and highlighted a case that caused great problems in the sector, and held the government responsible for the recession in the clothing, shoes and leather sector, and the heavy losses that befell it, threatening these merchants with imminent closure and expected destruction.

Allan in a post that I monitoredcompassHe said: “A sector pays the price of an unfair and wrong decision.. Will we ever hear about a job opportunity for a single Jordanian with Shaiben or Muganesa, and will we see, even in the mists of our dreams, a place rented by Shin Bein and Ta’ansa… imminent closure, expected destruction, and no life for those who call… We are not accustomed to courtesy or hypocrisy… If the decision to exempt postal parcels is not frozen immediately… the results will be disastrous and soon.

In his turn, the economist Mounir Dayyeh said in his statements to “compass“: The citizen today accepts a period that will be difficult and loaded with obligations and burdens, and he is unable to face these obligations with this income and weak salary or what is left of it after bank deductions and the obligations required of him, expressing his hope that the last two days before Eid al-Adha will witness an improvement in movement on various sectors.

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