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A comprehensive survey using early detection techniques for the palm weevil insect

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publish date 2023-06-26 19:08:00

Today, Monday, the Minister of Agriculture, Eng. Khaled Al-Hunaifat, affirmed the ministry’s support for palm farmers and standing by them to find solutions to the challenges they face, especially in the field of pest control that poses a threat to palm trees.

This came during the minister’s chairmanship of a meeting to discuss the national plan to limit and manage the red palm weevil, which was attended by the Secretary-General of the Ministry, Eng. Muhammad al-Hiyari, farmers and partners concerned with the date palm sector, the Jordanian Dates Association, cooperatives operating in the sector, and experts in the field of pest control from agricultural companies and the FAO.

Al-Hunaifat affirmed the Ministry’s support in implementing a plan agreed upon by those concerned to stop the spread of the red palm weevil during the next three years, through a comprehensive survey of palm trees in the Kingdom in order to investigate injuries, determine the extent and severity of their spread, and combat them to reduce economic losses.

The attendees listened to an explanation from the Director of Prevention and Phytosanitary Engineering, Eng. Emad Al-Awad, about the plan’s axes and strategies, indicating that it includes conducting a comprehensive survey of palm farms using early detection techniques for the palm weevil insect, and developing a plan to combat injuries by injection techniques, in addition to applying the prevention program protocols and correct agricultural operations. To reduce the spread of the insect according to the approved protocols.

Al-Awad pointed out the need to organize workshops and training courses for palm farmers to educate them on methods of prevention and control of the red weevil, prepare a booklet for the prevention plan that includes approved protocols and distribute it to farmers, use safe pesticides with little residual effect, and encourage the use of approved pesticides in organic farming and advanced injection methods.

He pointed to the necessity of amending legislation and instructions related to agricultural quarantine, combating the red palm weevil, and establishing palm nurseries, according to the perspective of using early detection technology and comprehensive survey, in a way that guarantees the safety of the sold seedlings and prevents their transfer except after ensuring that they are free and safe from pests, stressing the importance of supporting research. A periodical on the best methods of control and prevention in this field.

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