Yellow is the fashion of summer 2023.. Find out how to wear it in different ways for a distinctive look on Eid

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It is known that the yellow color is one of the cheerful colors that gives optimism and happiness, and many girls want to wear it, but do not know how to wear it to become radiant and dazzling, and there are many ways to choose the wonderful yellow color for an amazing look, especially during different occasions, so that the clothes are suitable for some and in a way Good, especially when Eid al-Adha approaches, you can get a wonderful look and a distinctive New Look, according to the “40” websiteplusstyle“.

How to find the right yellow color:

yellow shirt:

The yellow color can be worn elegantly with blue jeans, white jeans, or even black jeans, and if the yellow color is bright, a striped color can be worn to reduce the color and balance the upper and lower parts, such as choosing the upper part in yellow and the lower part in a neutral color, mm It gives vitality and attractiveness.


Perfect yellow blouse:

Certainly, the yellow color is very bright, and a calm color can be obtained such as mustard, lemon, or pastel yellow, and a linen or cotton fabric can be obtained to make the look more calm, and a dark yellow silk shirt can be chosen to give sophistication, and a black dress can be worn With a yellow belt, bag and shoes.

yellow bag

yellow bag

Perfect outfit:

You can choose a dress in yellow, and you can work with neutral colors such as black, white and brown, and you can choose blue or a leopard pattern for an unexpected look, which gives a very soft and elegant look in the summer.

yellow blouse:

The girl may have a striped blouse with jeans in the wardrobe, so they can be combined to make the look elegant, and she can wear a yellow jacket, with caution that it may give an extra width to the body.

yellow blouse

yellow blouse

yellow jacket:

You can choose a yellow jacket for jeans instead of the traditional blue color, which will renew the look with wearing pants, sandals, sports shoes or long shoes and a handbag with earrings to complete the elegant look in an amazing way.

yellow jeans

yellow jeans

yellow cardigan:

The cardigan can be made yellow as a cover to create long and elegant lines, and the yellow color can be worn by choosing a yellow coat, and if it is on an occasion such as a wedding, a monochromatic dress can be chosen with a yellow coat, for a very classic and elegant look.

yellow pants:

Whoever wants to wear yellow can wear it by choosing the color of yellow pants, and white can be combined with black, and if the girl has a white or even black shirt, she can wear it, with yellow pants, and a silk blouse can be worn when going For a walk or to visit relatives.

yellow pants
yellow pants


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