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Royal fans named Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, the princess of sports, after a video was published of the Princess of Wales playing tennis with famous star Roger Federer.

Kate Middleton appeared with tennis champion Federer, to highlight the work of the ball boys and girls in the upcoming tournament, and during the four-minute video clip, which was uploaded to the Wimbledon YouTube channel, the Princess of Wales appeared as Roger Federer, who won the tournament eight times, according to the newspaper. British Daily Mail.

Kate used the opportunity to get advice from Federer?

Kate managed to kick the ball towards the Swiss star and score a point in her favour. Moreover, the princess also took the opportunity to try and get some training advice from the former world number one..

The video ends with Kate and Roger visiting one of the boarding training centers, where the princess pays tribute to the amazing young men who have been chosen to work in this year’s tournament, and the video achieved more than 65 thousand views shortly after it was uploaded to YouTube today.

Kate Middleton and Federer

And last September, the legendary Swiss tennis star, Roger Federer, brought down the curtain on his career with farewell tears.. And the tears were not only from Federer, but also from his Spanish rivals, Rafael Nadal, and Serbian Novak Djokovic.

The moments of crying of the tennis stars sparked a wide interaction on social media, and Nadal said in farewell to his rival: “With Roger leaving an important part of my life tells me that it is time to leave as well. The personal relationship between us was improving every year. It is a beautiful thing to share all things together and fight together.” This long time ago.”

The 41-year-old Swiss has a history full of awards and titles, as he won 20 Grand Slam titles, winning 8 Wimbledon titles, 6 Australian Open tennis titles, 5 US Open tennis titles, and a French Open tennis title.

Princess of Wales
Princess of Wales

Kate and Federer
Kate and Federer


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