Important rules of etiquette that must be observed when distributing the sacrifice.. “No black bags”

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A few days and we receive the most beautiful days of the year, in which good deeds are frequently presented and happiness is presented to family and friends and to the needy families as well, so the families that decided to buy the sacrifice and prepare for the distribution of the sacrificial meat celebrate the feast, so the seventh day reviews during the following lines the etiquette of distributing the sacrifice according to what Hala Al-Azab, an expert on etiquette and human relations, referred to him.

Distribution of sacrificial meat

The etiquette expert said in her interview with Youm7: “The rules of etiquette do not differ from principles and religion, and that is what the Sharia decided, so it is desirable to divide the sacrifice into three-thirds, so one-third of it is given to the home, one-third of it is given as gifts, and one-third of it is given in charity, but the one in charge of the division process must pay extra attention to the division.” Charity is preferably one of the best distinctive pieces.

And she continued: “As for the quantity, the weight of the meat must be commensurate with the number of family members to suffice, even for one meal, so the head of the needy family does not have to buy meat to supplement the meal. to put foods in.

And she continued: “The meat is cut into cubes and placed in foam dishes and wrapped in stretch bags, and then placed in an opaque bag with elegant colors. As for the distribution, the person in charge of the distribution must be merciful and jovial. Rather, it is preferable to go to their homes and present it to them, out of respect for them and not to crowd people in front of the place where the sacrifice is prepared.

And she says: “As for a third of the gifts, we can make Eid visits and present the meat as gifts to relatives and friends, but it should be noted upon entry that this gift needs to be frozen so that it is not left and spoiled, bearing in mind that during the visit it is not right to talk about the price of the sacrifice or the price of the meat after preparation.” The visit is to congratulate the holiday and positive words.

Etiquette of distributing sacrificial meat
Etiquette of distributing sacrificial meat
Eid meat distribution etiquette
Eid meat distribution etiquette


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