Games that make your child enjoy Eid al-Adha.. The float and the most prominent keyboard

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On Eid al-Adha, visits abound between family and friends to celebrate the holiday in an atmosphere of familiarity, love and friendship between the family and each other, but we will not forget the children in the celebration of the holiday, so “The Seventh Day” reviews during the following lines the most prominent games that you can offer your child on the holiday to make him enjoy in his own way Private as stated on the site yajny.

An open tent and a basket of balls of different colors

You can provide your child with a basket containing more than 50 colored balls and a small tent that can be carried anywhere in the house to enjoy and play alone or with one of the children of the family or friends. .

Electronic keyboard

If your child has musical inclinations, it is better to buy an electronic keyboard that can make the holiday complete with joy and happiness, although it is a musical instrument and not a toy, but it is one of the favorite gifts for children that help them spend the best times, so you can get it from any place that specializes in selling it nationally Buy it before the holiday, but make it a surprise for your child on the holiday

Educational prayer rug

You can take advantage of the Eid time to teach your child to pray by buying a prayer rug that will help him in the right direction. There is nothing more suitable for this joyful religious occasion to accustom your child to the feeling of the holy feelings of Eid Al-Adha and you can share with him.


It is possible to buy a game out of the box that makes him enjoy with you on trips or if you go to water parks, also the float of gifts and games that last for long periods can make your child throughout the summer feel enjoyment

Electronic piano

Eid al-Adha games for children
Eid al-Adha games for children
Educational prayer rug
Educational prayer rug
Games for the child on Eid al-Adha
Games for the child on Eid al-Adha


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