Despite its benefits to improve sleep quality.. What are the harms of wearing Al Ain pajamas at night?

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Eye pajamas are used to cover the eyes and reduce ambient light, and may be useful for people who are sensitive to light or who need to sleep in complete darkness. And wearing eye pajamas can greatly improve your sleep. Studies have shown that by wearing blackout sleep masks, you can increase the duration of REM sleep. It is the type of sleep that is necessary to improve memory, so it is good to get more of this type of sleep phase. Sleep masks may also make the process of falling asleep easier and greatly help in regulating your sleep cycle and getting a peaceful sleep, but you should be aware of some of the potential risks of using them, which are revealed by the “Boncharge” website.

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Disadvantages of using a sleeping mask

1- Pressure on the eye

Pajamas can put pressure on the eyes and reduce blood flow to the eye, which increases the risk of eye problems such as dryness or infections. This mild pressure over a period of 7 or 8 hours can cause temporary blurred vision upon awakening.

2- Skin irritation

The materials used to make the pajamas may irritate the skin around the eyes, especially if the person has sensitive skin.

3- Damage to eyelashes

When using a sleeping eye mask, excessive pressure on your eyes can damage your eyelashes. Whether it is natural eyelashes or extensions. By wearing a sleeping mask that puts unnecessary pressure on and damages your eyelashes, it can also be painful. Like the case of blurred vision, so be sure to purchase a sleep mask that does not put any pressure on your eyelashes while you sleep.


4- The danger to the safety of sleep:

Sleeping in may make a person feel tired and lethargic in the morning, affect sleep quality, and may increase the risk of falling out of bed or finding it difficult to get up in the morning.

5- Headache

If your sleep mask does not have a fully adjustable strap, it may mean that you are wearing a sleep mask that is too tight. Having a tight, tight band around your head while you sleep can trigger a tension headache the next morning.


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