4 types of shoes suitable for women with wide feet.. elegant and comfortable

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A girl may have wide feet, which bothers her a lot when she buys shoes, because narrow shoes make her fingers tired when she goes anywhere. The girl may feel a bit confused about how to choose the right shoe, because not every foot is suitable for any shoe, because the fingers are sticky, which makes her feel uncomfortable, and to find out which shoes can be worn for wide feet, you can follow the following report, according to the “” podexpert“.

It is known that wide feet are difficult to fit in a way that makes them comfortable all the time, because most shoes compress the feet and toes together, and there are some types of shoes such as sports shoes, square shoes, or open sandals.

broad foot

The wide foot is about 23 cm wide, and the foot can be wide from birth or has become wide due to swollen feet or inappropriate shoes that make the foot wide after a period, and pregnancy can also make the foot shape wide.


The type of shoes that fit wide or wide feet

There are a few shoes that fit wide feet and feel comfortable all the time, such as sneakers, round-toed shoes, square-toe shoes, and open-toed sandals.

Sports shoes

Sports shoes are very suitable for wide feet, because they are wide in the front and give the foot space to breathe and absorb moisture. They are light and soft on the foot, support the foot greatly, and give the foot stability.



Round-toed shoes

This type is suitable for the girl who has wide feet, which provides her with a wide space that makes the body feel comfortable, and there are many types of flexible leather, and there are types of stretchable fabric in the front, and it is suitable to be worn during the summer season until the winter season, and its elegant shape is suitable for a look Formal and informal.



square intro

This type of shoe is good for wide feet that want to wear high heels at the same time, and ensures a good distribution of body weight, to enjoy a picnic when going out without complaining about the foot.

Open sandal

In the summer, open-toed sandals can be worn, and its design is attractive and elegant, and it has many wide straps that support comfort and is made of leather to make the foot feel a lot of comfort.



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