4 tips to follow when planning a trip during the Eid al-Adha holiday

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The person feels anxious and confused when planning the Eid al-Adha vacation, which lasts for 7 days, as he wishes not to miss the opportunity and take advantage of it to get rid of fatigue and enjoy the vacation as much as possible in order to regain his activity again, and to achieve this, several tips must be followed when planning an entertainment trip Which we review in this report, according to the site ” travertliangle “.

Tips to follow when planning a trip

Choose a place

You should search on various websites and social media, for places rich in scenic landscapes, which contain entertainment places where he can accompany his friends and family members, and at the same time correspond with the money he saved to go on the trip.

Travel planning

Determine the duration of the trip

The duration of the trip and its material costs must be determined, which are compatible with the places of hiking that the traveler intends to visit with his family members, with expedited booking to ensure a suitable place for the traveler and his family to spend their vacation, as well as booking airline, train or bus tickets.

Determine where to travel
Determine where to travel

Things to take

After obtaining the ticket, it must be placed in the travel bag, along with the credit card after checking the saved money, and all personal items such as clothes, accessories, medicines, sunscreen cream, toothpaste, brush, perfume, first aid kit and other important items that the traveler needs during his travel.

Prepare your travel bag
Prepare your travel bag

Planning daily activities

The daily activities that the traveler intends to do with his family must be planned, such as practicing water sports, safari trips, and other recreational activities for the place where the traveler intends to go with his family, and specifying funds for that or booking these activities if they are booked before.


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